Happy Valley is located just minutes from the Portland metro area and scenic Mt. Hood. Residents of Happy Valley enjoy a high quality of life, complete with beautiful parks, meandering trails, safe neighborhoods, and attractive commercial centers. As Happy Valley continues to grow, the City Council is devoted to preserving and enhancing the community’s character and livability. One way the Council is preserving livability is through arts and culture.

In 2016 the City Council approved the formation of a permanent Happy Valley Public Art Committee to advise City Council in the creation, development and implementation of official public art activities. The Public Art Committee cordially invites artists to apply for consideration to be featured in the 2019-21 City Hall Rotating Sculpture Garden program.

The Sculpture Garden program was established in 2013 to enhance the public environment and promote understanding of public art by inviting artists to exhibit their art on a temporary basis outside of City Hall. The program was subsequently renewed in 2015, 2017 and 2019. 

Up to six artists will be selected by the Public Art Committee to display sculptures around the exterior of City Hall (view locations and pad specifications). The exhibition period is July 2019 through June 2021. Submissions may include proposed, partially or fully completed sculptures. The City will provide each selected artist a $750 honorarium per sculpture. 

Program Goals

  • Enhance the environment around City Hall by integrating outdoor art into public spaces.
  • Promote public participation and interaction with artists and artwork.
  • Preserve and enrich Happy Valley's cultural environment and livability.

Artist Eligibility
This call is open to experienced artists who reside in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. Artists must be able to transport sculptures to and from City at their own cost.


  • $750 Honorarium.
  • The sculptures may be available for purchase; the City may promote this sales opportunity.
  • Artists will be introduced and honored during an Opening Reception, date and time to be announced. All selected artists are encouraged to attend. 
  • Promotional plaques will be created for each sculpture and installed by the City.
  • Professional installation and de-installation will be provided by the City.

Artwork Specifications and Sites

  • Six locations have been identified for outdoor sculpture installation. View locations and pad specifications.
  • The sculpture must be of suitable scale for outdoor public art, free standing and of high artistic quality.
  • Artwork cannot exceed 10 feet tall.  Sculptures exceeding 1,000 lbs. will be assessed based the ability to install without requiring special equipment. 
  • The artwork must require minimum maintenance and withstand the effects of weather, be as resistant as possible to vandalism, able to safely withstand pedestrian contact and must not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 
  • Accessibility restrictions will be considered in reviewing sculpture(s).
  • Concrete pads, with a 30-inch steel plate for welding sculpture to pad, are provided by the City for display of each sculpture.
  • Sculptures must be fitted, before delivery, with a ¼-inch (minimum) steel plate - ranging in size of 24 – 28 inches in diameter.


  • Each artist shall enter into a two-year lease contract with the City of Happy Valley.
  • Artists selected for the program who submit proposed or partially completed sculptures shall provide completion timeline and progress updates via digital photos, video and/or studio visits by the CCAA project manager.
  • It is the artist's responsibility to deliver, and be present, during installation of the sculpture at the specified time and date agreed upon in the summer of 2019. 
  • Artwork must be delivered by artist at their own expense and cannot be shipped; the City does not have the capacity to store sculptures.
  • The City reserves the right to reject work that differs from the selected sculpture or does not meet standards of durability, safety and quality. 
  • Upon completed installation and during the exhibit period, the City will maintain liability insurance to cover any damages incurred.
  • The City will provide support at installation, and it will have a crane and welder available for unloading, placing and welding sculpture plate to the pad plate.
  • The Artist is responsible for removing and storing/disposing of all packing and/or crating materials.
  • If a sculpture sells, the artist is responsible, at their own expense, for replacing the artwork with another sculpture of the same quality and scale at the time of removal of the sold artwork. The replacement sculpture must be approved by the Public Art Committee before the sold sculpture is moved. The replacement sculpture will be on exhibit for the remainder of the two-year loan period. 
  • In the event a sculpture on display is sold, the City of Happy Valley will act as fiscal agent for the sale, and shall be entitled to a 20% commission of the total sales price. 
  • It is the artist's responsibility to be present at the removal of the sculpture from the site at the end of the exhibition period in summer of 2021 and/or at the time a sold sculpture is removed. The City will provide a welder and crane to detach and lift the sculpture for transportation. 

Selection Criteria 

  • Proposed, partially or fully completed artworks will be considered. If an artwork is in process, it must be completed by June 1, 2019. Images of completed artwork will be required by June 1, 2019 to be considered eligible for program.
  • All artworks must be ready for exhibition and installation on or about July 1, 2019
  • Artwork with overt nudity, religious symbols, overt political messages, death, and drug/alcohol-related themes will not be considered.
  • Any artwork that cannot be installed by the installation deadline will be disqualified and artist will forfeit the honorarium.
  • Artworks will be selected based on the following criteria:
  •  Location context - including appropriateness within the public realm and its ability to be accommodated on one of the sites.
    • Artistic Merit - including design, craftsmanship and artist's experience.
    • Maintainability - including safety, structural and surface soundness, materials, durability, resistance to vandalism and weathering.
    • Size and weight criteria, and ability to mount to steel plate on pad per design requirements.

Submission Requirements

Interested applicants will need to complete this online application

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

Current Resume - Complete contact information should appear on all pages of documents submitted (PDF or Microsoft Word Doc format).

Images- Submit up to three (3) JPG or PDF images of sculptures or concepts with for consideration. Three (3) views of each sculpture is desired (front, back, side). Images should accurately represent the work, both in scale, media and color. The City of Happy Valley and the Clackamas County Arts Alliance reserve the right to use images of selected artwork and/or exhibition for publicity. Artist must install the artwork that matches the dimensions as submitted in the entry. For example, if an artist has created duplicate works in more than one size, only the artwork identified in the application shall be installed.

Sculpture Information - Include:

  • Short paragraph (50 words or less) describing artwork and inspiration for the sculpture. Consider language that would appropriate to use in promotional materials
  • Title, Height, Width, Depth, Weight, Finished Color
  • Materials used to create sculpture (be specific)

Timeline*  Dates are targets and may be subject to slight adjustment

  • Release of RFQ:  February 1, 2019
  • Deadline for application:  April 11, 2019 – 5 pm Pacific Time
  • Notification of Selection:  April 25 - 30, 2019
  • Installation:  July, 2019 (exact date TBD)
  • Opening Reception:  TBD
  • De-installation:  June, 2021*

For questions about the Call for Sculptors, please contact:

Suzi Anderson - - 503-655-0525

Clackamas County Arts Alliance